Roads, Snow Removal & Services

Road Concerns and Complaints 
If you have a question, concern or complaint about a Penn Township owned road, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Karen Versuk, Director of Operations
(O) 610-869-9620
In the case of an after hours incident, please call (302) 690-6245 or (484) 753-2081
For complaints on PennDOT maintained roads:
Click here for PennDOT Customer Care Center
On street parking is NOT permitted on any township owned road, including the roads and cul-de-sacs in our developments. Streets must be kept clear; this includes large temporary dumpsters. Unclear roadways can cause issues for first responders and our snow removal and road crews. Anyone (residents or vistors) parking on the street may be ticketed by the Pennsylvania State Police. 
Snow Removal
Penn Township has it's own snow removal team. The crew is called in on an as needed basis when bad weather hits. The crew operates from the township’s salt shed, located on 796 near the Estates of London Brook development. Here are a couple things to note about snow removal, especially if you live in a development.
  • There is NO PARKING permitted on Penn Township roads. On street parking is not permitted anytime, however during an snow emergency it is imperative that you keep the roads clear! Your road will not be plowed if there are cars there creating more of a hazardous situation than already exists. If our trucks are damaged or employees injured, no one gets plowed, so please PLEASE PARK OFF THE ROAD. 
  • Baltimore Pike, Corby Road, Hilton Road, Routes 896 (Newark Road) and 796 (Jennersville Road) and Route 1 are plowed by PennDOT not Penn Township. 
  • We do not plow private roads (Jenner's Pond's interior roads, Jennersville Farm, Penny Lane, Oxford Village, Big Elk, Sumner Lane, Canterbury Lane are a few we do not plow.) 
  • The neighborhoods of Elk Creek (both sides), Penn Ridge and Ovations are plowed by a company contracted by the township. We are working with them on timing and finer details as this is the first year with this particular contractor. 
  • The parks will be closed during inclement weather and will not re-open until they are deemed safe (i.e. until snow or ice melts).
  • DO NOT use snowmobiles on township property which includes the township building at 260 Lewis Road, the township park at Lewis Road, the Salt Shed, the Sports Park or the Red Rose Inn. 
  • Mailbox policy: Penn Township does not replace mailboxes that have been hit during snow emergencies. No exceptions.
"Red Rose" Intersection
The work on the "Red Rose" Intersection is officially complete. Take a look at this video McMahon Associates put together of the overall project. 
Click the link below to submit your request for construction or remodeling related services and develop a smooth plan from start to finish. Incomplete information may result in a delay in processing.