Curtis A. Mason, Chairman
Phone: 610-842-3436

Victor Mantegna, Vice Chairman
Phone: 610-842-3450

Ken Bryson, Member
Phone: 610-587-5107

William “Radar” O’Connell
Phone: 610-299-1298

Jay Ennis
Phone: 484-459-6006

Planning Commission:

Scott Steele, Chairman

Ralph Churchill, Vice Chairman

Dennis Newbold, Secretary

Bruce Van Kleek, Member

William H. Wells, Member



Pennsylvania Senator

Andrew Dinnimanweb site
Phone: 610-692-2112

Auditors (6 yrs)

Aldena Glenn
Hal Cohen
Ajay Talwar

Pennsylvania Representative

John Lawrence –



Tax Collector (4 yrs)

Chester County Treasurer
Phone: 610-344-6370





Lee D. Perkins


District Justice

The Honorable Scott Massey

District Court 15-3-05
305 S. Third St.
Oxford, PA 19363
Phone: 610-932-4305
Fax: 610-932-7649


Auditor General

Eugene DePasquale


U.S. Congressman

Patrick Meehan – web site
Phone: 610-690-7323

U.S. Senators

Patrick J. Toomey – web site
Phone: 202-224-4254

Bob Caseyweb site
Phone: 202-224-6324

Appointed Officials, Boards and Commissions

  • McMahon Associates, Act 209 and Red Rose Intersection Engineers
  • MacCombie Engineering, MS4 & Senior Engineer
  • Township Solicitor, R. Samuel McMichael, Esq.
  • Conflict Solicitor, Edward M. Foley
  • Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor, Edward M. Foley
  • CPA, Ronald Woodworth
  • Emergency Management Coordinator , Chuck Freese
  • Community Room Security, Lee Perkins
  • Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial Zoning and Building Inspector, Tom Lowry
  • Township Code Enforcement, Tom Lowry
  • Residential Zoning and Building Inspector, Scott Moran

Zoning Hearing Board Members:

Robert Davis, Jane Tripp, Michael Giacometti , Alt. Ed Fahey

Park Supervisor: Caitlin Ianni
Park & Maintenance: Danny Peters
Park & MS4 Coordinator: Karen Versuk
Commercial & Industrial Building & Zoning Inspector, Township Code Enforcer: (Tom Lowry) Municipal Support Services, Inc.
Residential Building & Zoning Inspector Inspector: (Scott Moran) Accurate Building Inspections, Inc.
Sewage Aqua 1-877-987-2782
Environmental Education for On-Lot: Henry McKinney
Vacancy Board: Ronald Edgington
Rt. 896 Corridor Task Force: Victor Mantegna
Hazardous Right To Know Request: Chuck Freese
911 Addressing Coordinator: Henry McKinney


Library: Eric Crist & Suzanne Regnier
Bank of Official Business: Fulton Bank
Bank of Official Business Sewer Account: Fulton Bank
 ½% Earned Income Tax Collection: Keystone Tax Service
Waste Removal: Choice of Residents


Solicitor Liaison: Curtis Mason
Historical Commission Liaison:  Kathleen Wandersee
Keystone Tax Service/Liaison:  Larry Davis
Road Master Liaison: Danny Peters
Open Records Policy Liaison Secretary: Caitlin Ianni
Open Records Solicitor: R. Samuel McMichael, Esq.
SECCRA Liaison/Member: Denis Newbold


Historical Commission Members: Board of Appeals:
Scott Steele

Larry Waltman

Kathy Wandersee

Patricia Horrocks

Robert Davis

Sandra Laxton

Margaret Emerson

Raymond Mackey

Patricia Moidel

Herbert MacCombie
Raymond Mackey
Carlton Snow
Recreation Committee Members: Herb MacCombie, Karen Versuk
Agricultural Areas Advisory Committee:
Robert Davis, Larry Waltman, Aaron Maule