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Right to Know Law

Attention Requestors: At this time we are accepting Right to Know requests. However, due to the coronavirus threat our office is closed to the public and our office hours are limited. We respectfully request that unless your need for records is urgent, you hold off on requests until we resume regular office hours. If you are in need of an urgent record, please submit your request via email and we will do everything in our power to full fill your request in a timely manor. Please also note, that at this time we are only able to email or mail records, you will not be allowed in the office to inspect records. This limits our ability to provide large scale prints unless they are already scanned. Thank you for understanding!

What is it?

Established in 2008 the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law allows the public to request copies of public records from Pennsylvania Governmental agencies.

What is a record?

Defined under the RTKL as “any information regardless of its physical form or character that documents a transaction or activity of an agency and is created, received, or retained pursuant to law OR in connection with a transaction, business or activity of an agency.”

“Records” include but are not limited to; building permits, maps and plans, agency decisions, minutes, letters and more.

How do I file a request?

To request a public record from Penn Township simply fill out a Right to Know Request Form and return it the Penn Township Open Records Officer. You must be as clear and as specific as possible when writing your request, transparency will help the ORO narrow down the document(s) you are asking for. Check out Penn Township’s Right to Know Procedure for more information about filing a request. If you are ready to file your request, you may use the designated Right to Know Request Form below. Fill out the form and return it to Penn Township's ORO, Caitlin Ianni. The form can be mailed, faxed or emailed.

What happens next?

Once the request is received by the Open Records Officer, she has five (5) business days to respond to your request. They will approve, deny or invoke a thirty (30) day extension to try to fulfill the request. The requester can appeal denials with the Office of Open Records within fifteen (15) business days of the denial. The appeal must be made in writing and can be submitted by mail, fax, email or in person. 


Staff Contacts

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Caitlin Ianni Open Records Officer (610) 869-9620