Preliminary plan for the new Avon Grove high school approved

Penn Supervisors approve preliminary plan for new Avon Grove high school

For immediate release - February 6, 2020 

WEST GROVE, PA – Penn Supervisors took a major step toward introducing the new Avon Grove High School to the community passing Resolution 2020-03 at their February 5, 2020 Board meeting. Supervisors voted 4-0 with one abstention to adopt a resolution which granted conditional preliminary approval for the Avon Grove High School site plan prepared by Terraform Engineering LLC dated June 14, 2019, and last revised on December 31, 2019. The full resolution with conditions accompanies this press release.

Vice Chair Victor Mantegna assumed control of the meeting after Board Chair Curtis Mason, Sr. made a public statement abstaining from the vote and decision making as he stated he owns property on both sides of the site for the new school.

Mantegna opened the floor for public comments and received two from residents of Sunnyside Road who thanked the Supervisors, Planning Commission members and Zoning Hearing Board members for their patience, wisdom, and for their concern for their residents and taxpayers of the region who will both fund and use the new high school.

A brief presentation of the site plan and building was made by Mike Strohecker and Terry DeGroot of Terraform Engineering LLC. Avon Grove School District Solicitor Andy Rau reviewed the conditions included in the Board’s resolution publicly prior to the Board vote requesting two minor changes which were approved.

A roll call vote was conducted with Supervisors Jay Ennis, William O’Connell, Victor Mantegna, and Laura Sperratore all voting “aye”. Mason abstained.

The adoption of the resolution paves the way for the submission of the final plan to the township inclusive of the satisfied conditions.

Mantegna stated, “We are pleased to have progressed so expeditiously and considerately with such an important project for our region. We are confident that our handling of this process has taken into consideration all the parties affected in a thoughtful and meaningful way.  We are proud that the resulting plan reflects that process.”

Questions and comments can be directed to the Director of Operations, Karen Versuk 

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