Introduction to the Penn Park

The Penn Township Park is located at 260 Lewis Road, West Grove, PA. A 10-acre gem nestled between the township building and the Jennersville Regional Hospital, there are entrances to the park from both the Penn Township Building parking area and the Jennersville Regional Hospital parking area. The park is home to our Penn Township Veterans Memorial in our rose garden. Smoking, bicyIMG_1577cles, alcohol and dogs are all prohibited as the park is a passive design to be enjoyed by everyone. Sports teams are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from using the open space in the park for practices or organized active sporting events. Penn Township DOES NOT rent out these areas or enter into any agreements with organized sports teams or organizations to use these areas. The park features a large pavilion and white and brown gazebos which are available for rent for special events. Charcoal grills are available in the park for picnics. There is a large playground, sand volleyball pit and ample walking trails. Added in July 2015, the Penn Park Butterfly Garden. The garden was funded by a grant from Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful; it was designed so that all ages can enjoy it. There are a variety of plants and flowers all handpicked to attract butterflies, there is also bird feeders, a bird bath and a bench for patrons to enjoy the scenery.

Butterfly Garden BrochureButterfly Garden Penntownship

  • ‘The Bill & Jane Finnen Community Room’ –IMG_2330

    Penn Township Community Room is available for rent to residents and non-residents. A ceramic tiled facility with an attractive foyer and beautiful stone hearth fire place creates a comfortable setting for any event. A kitchen with a full size refrigerator, sink, microwave and plenty of counter space is included with rental of the facility. The room has seating available for up to 80 people with ample parking available. The community room was named to honor the Finnen’s for their dedication to Penn Township and the community on December 9, 2015. This room was constructed at no cost to taxpayers.

    Community Room Rental Agreement
    Acuerdo de alquiler de habitacion de comunidad espanol (Spanish Rental Agreement)

About Pavilion:


Pavilion Specifications

44 x 60 28′ 14 Tables Under Roof With Benches and Grills Outside.

Pavilion Seats Approx. 128 People

Fees for Residents

Pavilion: $36.00 min. fee covers: 3 hours

$10.00/hr. ea. addt’l. hour

*Cash Security Deposit – $100

Download Resident Brochure

Fees for Non-Residents

Pavilion: $100.00 min. fee covers:3 hours

$20.00/hr. ea. addt’l. hour

*Cash Security Deposit – $100

Download Non-Resident Brochure

Park Rental Application

Pavilion-Gazebo Rental Form

Fees for Security Guard – $60 for 3 hours, $20 each additional hour NOE EXCEEDING 5 hours.

Penn Township Park provides general use of the Pavilion which include 14 tables under roof with the use of barbeque Grills.

The Pavilion sits approximately 128 people and may be reserved by rental for your gatherings, parties, and events.

For reservations or more information call 610-869-9620.

About the Octagonal Gazebo:

Octagonal Gazebo

Octagonal Gazebos Specifications

28′ Octagonal 2 Tables Under Roof

Grills Outside

Octagonal Gazebos Seats Approx. 20 People

Fees for Residents

Gazebos: $24.00 min. fee covers: 3 hours

$5.00/hr. ea. addt’l. hour

*Cash Security Deposit – $50.00

Fees for Non-Residents

Pavilion: $50.00 min. fee covers:3 hours

$10.00/hr. ea. addt’l. hour

*Cash Security Deposit – $50.00

Rental Application

Pavilion-Gazebo Rental Form

Penn Township Park provides general use of two 28′ Octagonal Gazebos which include 2 Tables Under Roof with the use of barbeque Grills.

Each Gazebo sits approximately 20 people and may be reserved by rental for your small gatherings, parties, and events.

Gazebo #1 is located near the horseshoe pits at the Township Bldg. Entrance.

Gazebo #3 is located near the volleyball court at the Hospital Entrance.

For reservations contact Penn Township at 610-869-9620.

About the Rectangular Gazebo:

Penn Township

(2) Ractangular Gazebos Specifications

12 x 24 Rectangular 2 Tables Under Roof

Grills Outside

Rectangular Gazebos Seats Approx. 20 People

Fees for Residents

Gazebos: $24.00 Min. fee covers: 3 hours

$5.00/hr. ea. addt’l. hour

*Cash Security Deposit – $50.00

Fees for Non-Residents

Pavilion: $50.00 Min. fee covers: 3 hours

$10.00/hr. ea. addt’l. hour

*Cash Security Deposit – $50.00

Park Rental Application

Pavilion-Gazebo Rental Form

Penn Township Park provides general use of two rectangular 12 x 24 Rectangular Gazebos which include 2 Tables Under Roof with the use of barbeque grills. The Gazebo seats Approx. 20 people and may be reserved by rental for your small gatherings, parties, and events.

Gazebo #2 is Located Near Horseshoe Pits at Township Bldg. Entrance.

Gazebo #4 is Located Near Volleyball Court at Hospital Entrance.

For reservations call Penn Township at 610-869-9620.

About the Fire Pit:

fire pit


You are provided with wood, a shovel, poker, and fire starter.

You are responsible for bringing your own lighter.

Fees for Residents/Non-Residents

3 hour rental for $50 plus an additional $50 Cash Security Deposit

Fire Pit Agreement

Hold Harmless Agreement

Recreation Committee:

The article below is a well-written article that appeared in the Chester County Press regarding the proposed park in Penn Township. It is reprinted here with the permission of Chester County Press. For further information regarding their article please contact them directly at

Penn officials seek input Residents asked to comment on proposed Active Park By Nancy Johnson Staff Writer Penn TownshipPenn Township residents had the opportunity to the view the latest map of the township’s proposed active park and express their questions and concerns at the Planning Commission’s Wednesday, October 14 meeting. Not surprisingly, many of those in attendance reside in the Estates of Londonbrook, which borders the proposed park site. Dennis O’Neil, a professional engineer with MacCombie Engineers and Surveyors, who served as facilitator, began by giving the audience a summary of project to date, which has been accomplished in conjunction with the Planning Commission and a study committee consisting of township officials, appointed members of the Planning Commission, Recreation Committee, residents and business leaders.

Penn Township

O’Neil explained that when the township first prepared a master plan for Penn Township Community Park in January of 2001, they quickly realized that the site adjacent to the municipal building was not large enough to accommodate the recreational needs of the Township. In addition, they looked at population projection data, which indicated Penn Township’s population would be 4,310 in the year 2020 and 4,760 in the year 2030. However, it now appears that these numbers could be off significantly as the Penn Township’s municipal officials project the township’s population for the upcoming 2010 census to be 5,050. Township officials then decided to maintain the 7-acre site as a passive park and look for a site that would accommodate their current and future needs for an Active Park. The Township acquired four contiguous parcels of land, located off Lewis Road and Route 796, totaling 93 acres with this purpose in mind. The study committee, which was formed about a year ago, reviewed many plans and documents and began to set guidelines to determine what fields should be built in the park. They determined active recreation facilities should accommodate Little League baseball, Big League baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, deck hockey, BMX/mountain bike trails, and a playground for younger children. In addition, passive recreation facilities would include picnic pavilions, a walking trail, wetland education stations and an area for organized group camping. Considering the fact that Penn Township currently has no active recreational facilities, they set the principal design objectives to:

  • Develop active recreational opportunities for residents within the approximate boundary of the Avon Grove School District within a centrally located Active Recreation Park facility.
  • Not only promote local recreation, but to protect the community’s natural resources, by promoting native plantings, watershed protection, habitat enhancements, or other environmentally friendly facilities.
  • Provide for community-wide and group activities at the site for groups such as the Avon Grove Little League, Avon Grove Wildcat Football League, Avon Grove Recreational Association (AGRA), and the Avon Grove School District.
  • Make all hard court facilities designed for multi-purpose capabilities to ensure the best use and provide for multi-use fields to be used for multi-season recreational use.
  • Provide an integrated trail system that can be connected to similar proposed facilities throughout the Township and adjoining regional connecting greenways in neighboring townships.
  • Take advantage of community park grant funds to aid in construction and maintenance of park facilities.
  • Integrate the recreational organizations into the design, funding, construction and maintenance of the proposed facilities to ease the financial burden to the Township.
  • Enhance the site with managed plantings and landscaping.
  • Ensure all proposed park facilities meet all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards.

The plan is to build the facility in three phases starting with the eastern most area with two Little League fields, one Big League field, and one football field. O’Neil indicated that the plan must still go through a public hearing and get the Board of Supervisors’ approval, hopefully in time to apply for April grant money. If as goes as planned, construction would begin in 2011 and it would be “late 2012 or 2013 until any facility would be ready for use.” Penn TownshipHe offered copies of the planning draft to those in attendance and emphasized that while it accommodates most of the comments received by the study committee to date, there would definitely be several more opportunities for residents’ input. As he invited comments from the audience, O’Neil indicated, “We know there are a number of concerns from the residents of Penn Township about traffic, lighting, and policing.” He was absolutely correct as nearly every comment made was related to those three issues. In addition, one resident from Jenner’s Pond, which also borders the proposed site, worried about noise and there were some questions as to the cost of building and maintaining the park if grant money was not as accessible as expected.

“We’re here to hear your comments so we can take them back and address them,” O’Neil assured the residents. Penn TownshipSeveral people thought many residents were not aware of the opportunity to give their input on plans for the park and asked if meetings could be better publicized. One noted that they were not listed on the website. “The meetings have always been open to the public,” confirmed Supervisor Victor Mantegna. O’Neil recommended that they set a study committee meeting for some time in November. Tom Sinsheimer, Vice Chairman of the Planning Commission, suggested posting the meeting on the Township’s signs that many residents see while driving down Baltimore Pike. “We’ll certainly try to get the word out,” O’Neil confirmed.

Next Meeting:

Township will post dates of meetings once the Recreation Committee notifies the Township. Public Recreation Meeting along with Board of Supervisors


Master Plan – Planning Draft (PDF)
Conceptual Plan for Penn Township Active Recreation Park (PDF).00